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Last night I ended up having an early dinner and getting tired around 7:30 P.M. Instead of fighting to stay up for another 2.5 hours, I decided to listen to my body and was asleep by 8 P.M. Instead of waking up at 4 A.M. like I was expecting, I was up at 2, and have just been getting some early morning gaming and cat time in. I am already a pot of french press half-caff into my day and at 5 A.M. am really antsy to get in to work. I think I am starting to really become a morning person again. I have brought up to my boss in the past that I wanted to start my day earlier and switch to a shorter lunch so I can have my afternoons free, but we never really looked into it. I think I am going to broach the subject with him again today and see when the earliest he is comfortable with me coming in is. I know that he would like to have our team covered better for the end of the day Pacific time, but with him and my team mate being here than late any way, I might be able to get away with it.

Positives to getting in earlier (say 6:30 A.M.) –

1) With a 30 minute lunch I will be out by 3 P.M., giving me plenty of time to do produce shopping every day after work and just buy what I need each day.

2) I start riding my bike to work in a few weeks (hopefully the weekend of next payday I will get the bike tuned up and then one of these installed) and getting in that early means less traffic to be worried about in the morning, and getting home before the big rush every afternoon.

3) More time to explore my neighborhood before the nightly drinking crowd hits.

4) If I join 24 Hour Fitness like I am thinking of, I can get in before the 5 – 6 P.M. crowd shows up. Hell, I might be able to get out before they show up.

Negatives –

1) Won’t see friends as much during the week, but they are part of the aforementioned nightly drinking crowds, so I don’t enjoy the time I spend with them during the week all that much anyway.

2) Could impact my weekend nightlife. Oh wait, what weekend nightlife? That’s all booze driven and I want to get away from that.


Overall, this looks like it could be a positive thing. That and seeing the sun rise always puts me in a good mood.

So, I don’t really see any negatives to this

I have started practicing more often with the singing and uke playing. Blake got me a guitar neck so I think I need to get over to Johnny’s soon with the rest of my bits and pieces and get at least one fucking cigar box guitar built so I can at least have something to play around with. First payday of the month I am going to finally just pull the trigger and pick someone off of Craigslist to see for vocal instruction. I can’t seem to get any references from folks and the one person that said she would do it never got back in touch with me. My goal is to be on stage singing this year, and not at karaoke. It will probably be open mic stuff but I don’t care, I need to get back on stage soon. I am doing some re-arranging of furniture in the apartment this weekend, so hopefully I will find the charger for my video camera and record a few shitty covers and get them up on my youtube channel. Every time I do that I become a little less frightened about performing on stage. Having fear on stage after putting myself in a raw edit for potentially millions of random strangers to see seems kind of silly 🙂 In the mean time, here is one of my old Soundcloud recordings.

Yesterday was a pretty decent day all around, except for where I had to force myself to puke while at work so as not to get serious food poisoning. Apparently the mayo I had used to make my tuna salad for lunch was off. I can promise that I won’t be eating tuna for a few weeks.

After work I got a double length walk in with Blake. We went up to his place and played the X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter miniatures game. After two games of that I am now hooked and will be buying a mini a week until I have a full squad built up. The quality of the plastic minis is really impressive and the game play is very smooth. Any more of you play this? I would love to get a monthly night for this together.

Ended up being at Blake’s a few hours later than planned so once again I didn’t get in bed until about 11, and was asleep by 11:30.  That coupled with general body blahs from the food poisoning, I *really* want to take a mental health day and just be lazy, but I think I can muddle through. Any way, I have become fond of the walking to and from work for some odd reason.

I am going to go see a matinee of Winter Soldier on Saturday at the Regal cinema downtown. Anyone interested in joining me?

Got all my paperwork filled out and turned in at work, so I am now a full time employee at Megapath, no longer in support but on the team that handles back-end processing of cancellations and additions of new services. It’s boring and tedious and requires an eye for details so pretty much right up my alley. I can listen to music while I do it, so the days really do just seem to zip by. I also have medical / dental / vision coverage for about 1/3 of what the contract agency wanted for just medical that only covered emergency situations. I also get 17 days of PTO over the year which is the first time I have had paid vacation time in ages. Perhaps I will get to use it at this job. I already have a line on a primary doctor but I could use suggestions for a dentist and an optometrist, preferably walking distance to Cap Hill.

My laptop has been having problems with the wi-fi for about a month now, to the point where it doesn’t connect any more at all. I couldn’t find a disassembly guide online for it, but I have done this enough times with other laptops that I was able to get it open in about 10 minutes. I pulled the card and as I disconnected the antennae from the card, the lead for one of them popped off. A quick examination showed that the connection had no solder and was glued in place, so I think I found the problem. I was able to find a replacement for the card on Ebay for $8 and I should get that by Friday with free express shipping. I expect that my lappy will be back up and running this weekend. During the process I also discovered that I have a ram slot open so I will be filling that in a few paychecks.

I have been chatting with a lady via OK Cupid and we have a coffee date for this weekend. I think I will see if she wants to meet downtown after I see Winter Soldier. She is a litle older than me but we seem to have a similar mindset and some similar interests. if worse comes to worse, it will be a nice practice date.

I have just enough time to get a little bit of gaming in before bed time. Have a nice evening folks.

Tonight was fucking brilliant. You all know who you are.

Got my paperwork today. It’s not what I wanted to be making but it boils down to me taking home what I am making now, having medical/dental/vision, a bus pass, a standing desk at work, and my parking spot at home covered. I can’ complain too much. I finish the paperwork on Monday. I also go from being paid every week to every other week which should help me with my budgeting.

I am still not seeing any change in my weight, seem stuck at 360 (+/- 5lb on any given day) but I am seeing a definite physical change in my belly. It has gone from a hard and tight gut to becoming lose and floppy. Not particularly attractive, but it does mean that I am losing fat. The standing desk should help accelerate this. I *really* want to get my bicycle into a shop, tuned up and an 8 speed hub put on it now. It has a 3 speed on it and I think I would just wreck my knees trying to get from work up the hill to home. I think a good tune up is going to run me about $100 and getting the hub replaced another $300. I also want to get an electric assist motor for it which will run about $500 to put on it. With all of that I can realistically use it to get me all over town, even doing small grocery runs. Then I would only need my car for Costco runs and going to peoples houses outside of Seattle. If anyone has the urge to do anything for my birthday, I would happily take donations towards getting that done.

Tomorrow has  a BBQ planned with part of my old McGurn family. It’s going to be a small get together doing some catching up with folks and I am really looking forward to it. Sunday is Wrestlemania 30 and I am actually kind of excited to watch it. I should make some kind of taco salad to have for dinner while watching that because, fucking taco salad.

Life is continuing to not suck.


If you are on Google+ and can see this post, please leave me a comment and let me know.

Been up for almost 24 hours. Bourbon, card games and friends made it happen. So much for my plans of putting in 8 hours of OT tomorrow. I should be able to manage at least 4 though.

Spent a fair chunk of yesterday and today practicing after restringing my ukes. Working on some new covers and feeling more comfortable with my voice. I really want to find a vocal instructor for about 3 months of weekly lessons. I might have to ask Shawn Smith if he would be interested and how much he would charge, considering that one of the songs is a Brad tune 🙂

This actually sounds pretty good on the ukulele when I don’t fuck up the transition to the E chord.