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I am massively out of shape, this is no secret. My scale is broken but I suspect that I am legitimately at or over 400 pounds right now. I can’t really exercise the way I would like to because of all the joint stress  it would cause me, so I really need to drop about 50 to 75 pounds before I can really get started. I saw a photo linked on Reddit in a thread that purports that the images pictured are what that family (I suspect each is supposed to represent a normal family) goes through in a week. It is pulled from a more in depth slideshow at Times web site.

The first thing that I noticed was how much Coca Cola the Mexican family goes through in a week. 12 two litre bottles for a family of five, per week. Thats slightly over two per person per week, and that is fucking insane. Their total food bill is $189.09 ($37.82 per person) a week. I did notice however that there were some really interesting looking ones. The Kuwaiti diet looks really nice, and it’s $221.45 a week for a family of eight people ($27.68 per person). The Chinese diet looks really neat too, and it is $155.06 for four people ($38.76). Bhutan spend $5.03 for a family of 12 ($0.42 per person).

I have been wanting to get back in shape and lose weight but have not been able to get the focus to do it. I think what I want to try now is to do what some of these more basic diets are doing. Only five to 10 ingredients in the staple diet and prepared simply. I have my weekly subscription to a local CSA so I have organic produce delivered to me, so I may up the amount of produce being sent and supplement that with rice and home baked goods. I am going to challenge myself for one month to limit my food intake to what is in this box, meat, and bread that I can bake. I get my next box next Friday, so that is when I will officially start this challenge. Every Friday, I will post here what came in the box and I will put together a basic meal plan. I will then keep a food diary and post once a day with that information as well as the recipes I come up with.

I would appreciate it if folks would keep me on task. Please feel free to call me out if I am not doing my posts like I want or if I seem to be slipping away from the intent. I would really like to be under near 300 pounds by the end of the year and can use all the help I can get.


I love you Raven

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