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Yea, I’m done with FB for good now. The privacy concerns and persistent ads are too much. I went back for a bit (actually deleted and created 3 different accounts) because that seems to be the only way that people in my social circle communicated, and have hit the point where it’s just not worth it. I have a phone and call people. Fuck it.

Mjolnor (formerly Tinygod) is my insane gaming laptop. I have had this Asus G73JH for a little over two years now and it has been a champ. i7-720QM proc, 10 gig of DDR3 1600 ram, ATI HD5870 mobile video with 1 gig of GDDR5 ram, 2 500gig hard drives. The only two things missing for me are a built in blu-ray drive (which can easily happen) and USB3 ports.

Over the past year, it has been getting odd lockups. Heat monitors have shown that nothing was wrong, divers were always good, I even updated both the system and video bios. The lockups have got to the point where they have been happening on average once a day for the past two months. When I put in another 4 gig stick of ram I took some canned air to the system and didn’t notice a difference. Tonight I decided to clean the old thermal paste out and apply new Arctic Silver paste.

In the process of doing this, I had to pull the motherboard out, which I didn’t do when I put the ram in. As I removed the heat pipes from the motherboard, they detached from the out take fans. Inside the fans, hidden from view, were two adorable and cuddly giant dust bunnies. After I re-homed these guys I cleaned the CPU and GPU and put the new thermal paste on. After getting everything put together (which is insane on this laptop) and booting up, I noticed that the keyboard is *much* cooler than normal, and that the fans aren’t running at max speed and spitting out insane amounts of heat. The heat monitors are showing the same heat level as before for the core components so I am suspecting that something on the motherboard was having a problem with the heat that it couldn’t get out and shit locked up.

I should know in a few hours if it’s really fixed or not, but I am feeling pretty confident right now that things will be better.


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