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Monthly Archives: January 2013

I’ve been wanting to buy myself a salad spinner for over a decade now, but every time I see one, it is going for $15 to $20 with the good ones (like OXO) going for $30 and I just can’t justify paying that much to do something I can do for free with a tea towel


I got out of the house for a few hours last night to give the roomie some time alone and ended up in a Value Village. Lo and behold, they had an OXO salad spinner tagged for $4.99 and it’s color of tag was 50% off. This prompted me to grab a whole bunch of stuff for salads for dinner this week.


Tonight was a quick salad with red leaf lettuce diced red bell pepper, sliced roma tomato, diced up swiss cheese with a dressing made from olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and some dijon mustard. Chase that with a nice room temp Guiness and I am a happy man. I also got some peppered bacon from DD Meats as well as a dozen eggs for boiling and 5 avacado. Part of tomorrow will be spent baking that bacon and boiling those eggs to have ready for lunch and dinner salads for the rest of the week. I need to bake a small loaf of bread too so I can make some garlic and onion croutons. I must be a real asshole to still be single while possessing skills like this.

I just successfully used this code to get free standard shipping when I ordered some titanium ukulele strings. It would normally be $1.50 ish for 2 sets of strings. Apparently, the code is good until 12/31/13 and it is stackable with other coupon codes. Considering they tied with Amazon for the best price on these strings but Amazon wanted almost $11 for shipping $10.50 worth of strings, I went with MF this time. Enjoy 🙂


I found the neck for my all metal diddly bow project last night. Literally, all I need now is the tuning peg and the plug for the amp cable and I am done. Thankfully, if worse comes to worse, I can yank those from my shitty 10 year old electric guitar. Now to find someone with mad welding skills to get three random pieces of metal into one cohesive chuck of musical insanity. I also need to find a cheap or free metal violin or cello bow for playing it.


Enjoy 🙂


Edit to add – Oh, and this happened as well


Fuck it, let’s keep this shit going –

Too much stress over the course of 24 hours. Between the job stuff, my blood sugar issues yesterday, starting the search for a job back in Portland and trying to figure out possible living setups there, and a new room mate coming in this week, I have pretty much been on the edge of an anxiety attack for about 2 hours now. Can life just go right for a while please? It’s hard to feel optimistic about anything right now. I know that will pass soon but for fuck sake, enough already.

If any of you folks in Portland know your place of employment is hiring, please let me know. I will also need a place to stay for a few months while I save money to get an apartment if I do get a job down there so let me know if any of you are amenable to having me stay with you.

I finally got a call back for one of the positions I found on Craigslist. It’s an internal help desk position for a company downtown, paying in the range that I want. Seemed like a good fit. Just got off the phone with the contract company filling it and was told that my resume looks great but that they want someone that hasn’t been looking for work for so long.


Really? Because I have been looking for work for almost a year you won’t consider me. Urge to stab is rising.


Edit to add:

Just got off the phone with my contact at MegaPath. Massive layoffs are happening so there is no chance in hell that I am getting on thee any time soon. I am really tired of feeling fucked. I only have about 6 weeks of unemployment left as well. To much fucking stress.

Please disregard

Apparently I didn’t eat enough today. I just had one of the worst hypoglycemic attacks that I can every remember having. Full dizzy, shaking, complete drop in energy, vision getting a little blurry, really hard to focus on my current task. The big problem was that I was in the middle of cutting some cheese for the beef and bean burrito I was making for dinner. Yea, I was about to pass out on the kitchen floor while handling a chefs knife.


I managed to keep it together and get dinner finished but I almost couldn’t get the food in my mouth I was shaking so bad. I’m feeling better now, but I am still a little spaced and am tired. I had 3 pieces of baked talapia for ‘breakfast’ (it was around noon but I had been up for about 45 minutes at that point) as well as 4 cups of tea with some sweetened condensed milk. I even got a little bit of a walk in today.


Man, I need to see a doctor and a nutritionist and get this shit under control. To bad I don’t live in a country that cares about it’s people. If I don’t get hired on somewhere and get medical insurance soon, I really don’t know what I am going to do.

I have mentioned to a few folks before that I was briefly related to George Lazenby, aka the second James Bond. My Uncle Bill married his niece Shelly. She will always stick out in my mind because I spent a summer living with Shelly and Bill in Cannon Beach, right on the river inlet at the north end of the beach before you get to Ecole park. To this day that was one of the highlights of my life and I still think of it very fondly. Below is a picture of all but three Jones family males. Two of them weren’t born yet (Jesse and Matt, my Aunt Deborah’s boys) and Sean was probably with his mother that weekend (my Uncle Lou’s only son)


From left to right – Henry “Uncle Lou” Jones Jr., Grandpa Hank Jones, Uncle Bill Jones, little Bizket, Dad Rodney Jones, and George Lazenby. I believe this was taken at Bill and Shelly’s wedding reception in 1978. My dad couldn’t grow a beard for shit (or so he claimed) but that mustache could wrestle a grizzly to the ground.

Male Jonses and George Lazenby 1978