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Monthly Archives: February 2013

I took Elvis to the off leash park today. Damn that place was packed. Plenty of friendly dogs all romping and playing. One little Pekingese was running roughshod over a giant 3 month old Husky. Kept growling at him then fucking his leg. It was hilarious to watch. One young lady had a 7 month old Great Dane pup. It was soooo full of energy, and just a loving and friendly animal. Kept coming over to me to drink water and get petted. A little while later someone else came to the park with a year and a half old Great Dane. It;s head was at my armpit. Again, such a loving and friendly beast. I ended up talking to this guy for 30 minutes. This is his third Great Dane and he answered all of my questions. I am now settled that I want either a purebred Great Dane, or a Dane and something mix. I am now busy scouring Petfinder to see what kind of Great Danes are in the area to get an idea of what different mixed breeds look like, then it;s off to research temperaments of the mixes. I will eventually have to get a sidecar for my motorcycle too. I’m actually kind of excited about the prospect of getting a dog now 🙂

Federal extensions for unemployment got extended so I’m not totally fucked when my main claim ends in two weeks. It’s a minor relief, but considering that I have had very little go my way in the past year, I will take what I can get.

I started to feel really lonely last night. I don’t get any kind of human contact any more other than seeing the room mate when he is home. It’s really starting to drive me buggy. I have tossed out ideas to friends but they all get shot down pretty quickly and to be honest, I am starting to get the feeling that I should stop bothering. I know everyone has there own life going on, but I feel really isolated these days. The combination of no job and no social life is hitting an untenable point. At least when I was in West Seattle, I could go hit The Shipwreck once a week to get some level of socialization with friends. Don’t even really have that right now. As soon as I get this job at Zhurosoft (positive thinking and all that) things will start to even out. Until then I just need to suck it up some more I guess.

I feel like I did a god job on the interview. I would be the 9th person working for the company and in charge of all QA. They liked that I have IT experience as well and that I ran the P-A forums and can handle the public. Instead of interviewing with the community manager, I interviewed with one of the founders of the company. Seemed like a very nice guy and I got a good vibe from him when I was asking about the direction of the company. He wants to set up another round of interviews for everyone so that the other founder can meet us all before they make their decision, and they expect to have a decision made by the end of next week. He didn’t balk at all at my salary request and the benefits seem to be in line with what I expect from such a small company. So, one more interview in the next week and a half and then I find out. Christ I need this win. Starting to get depressed again and I’m really not interested in dealing with it any more.

I have an interview for a job I am perfect for tomorrow. It’s a QA position with a small game company that also has some community liaison work as far as setting up open betas and what not. I interview with the community manager for the position. I think I am actually uniquely perfect for this job. I have plenty of QA experience in games and I also ran the Penny Arcade forums for over a year with little problems, and that can be a psychotic crowd of folks.

It’s been almost 4 months since my last interview and that one was a fucking disaster (the one where the interviewer got aggressive with me when I said I was having a hard time finding work) so I am a little concerned about not hitting my stride. I am 90% confident though that I will get this job. I did some research on the company and they seem pretty solid. Some quick research on the person I am interviewing with shows that he is a musician, so we will have some nice non work related stuff to chat about, and it sounds like it will be a casual interview in a coffee shop. The location is pretty perfect too as far as commuting from West Seattle goes. It’s in Pioneer Square, so only a 3 block walk from the pedestrian ferries.

I *really* need this win. It’s been almost a year since I worked last and I am really starting to go crazy. I think I could be a really good asset for this place, and I already have some ideas to suggest as far as directions to go for future projects. So, wish me luck. I’ll post an update when I get back from the interview.

I have spent all day reading about how offensive Seth McFarland was. Thankfully Hulu has the whole thing available to stream. I’m 15 minutes in and already I am not disappointed.  Three jokes have flopped and he has sang a song about tits, I am expecting some fantastic cringe worthy action from the rest of this. I could do without William Shatner, but so far this is fantastic. Three musical numbers in 10 minutes? WTF?

I made two ice creams tonight since every one is feeling miserable, and nothing fixes shit like good ice cream. First, I made my sugar free Chai Latte ice cream. Shit is consistently good. Next, Aaron handed me half a pint of fresh raspberries and said “please”, so I made a full sugared raspberry vanilla ice cream.

3 cups half and half, 1 cup sugar, 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 tablespoon vanilla. Run the cycle for your ice cream maker and when you have 5 minutes left add half a pint of crushed fresh raspberries and let it run for the remaining 5 minutes.

Wow. Fucking wow. It’s like god was real and totally shot a load in my eager whore mouth. It was *so* good. A nice creamy sweet with a good punch of vanilla, then you get that tart raspberry mixing in to it in your mouth. Soooooooo fucking good.

Epic stew is in the making. Celery, carrot, two types of onion, sweet peppers, beef, lamb sausage, garlic, bay leaf, pepper, chicken broth, year old summer ale. These shall combine forces with 8.5 PSI for 40 minute to become a stew of epic cold slaying. Coupled with the power of The Avengers Initiative (a.k.a. all the Marvel Avengers movies stitched together in chronological order) I shall smite this mother fucker out of my system.


Edited to add –

Would have been better with beef stock and dark beer, but it came out acceptable.

Bacterial infection of the lungs! YAY!

Roomie went to the doctor tonight to get checked out since he isn’t getting better as quickly as he had hoped. Doctor told him that he has a bacterial infection of the lungs and that it most likely got passed to me and our house guest. Thankfully we are both already on the mend so there is no need for anti-biotics, we just need to take Mucinex D until everything is good again. I suspect I should be 100% within another week at the latest. I slept about 10 hours solid last night which is a first during this illness and I can feel myself getting really tired now even with the psudoephidrine coursing through my system. I suspect I will be getting another 10 – 12 hours of sleep over the next couple of nights now that the coughing has subsided and my feet aren’t in pain. I am going to be desperate for socialization when this is all done.

I would kill for a loop pedal and some skill writing lyrics right about now. I also have the goal of having a working diddly bo within two weeks. I have all the parts, i just need to collect them in one box and get them to a metal worker. So very excited on the musical front. I will need to start a band soon.



I have three weeks of unemployment left. I have no idea if I qualify for any kind of extension or not, but I am assuming not. I have had no job leads in ages and no one is responding to my resume. I need to find *something* that I can do before my benefits run out so I can buy food and pay bills. It’s not helping that I am a 41 year old, massively out of shape guy or I wouldn’t be too concerned. I could just get a dish washing job or some kind of manual labor but I have already proven to myself that that isn’t going to happen any time soon. I’m so tired of my life being a struggle. I really need to re-evaluate my existence and figure out which direction I should go with  my life. It seems obvious to me that something I have been doing for the past 20 years is wrong. I need to kill the fear and accept the idea that I may need to walk away from everything and everyone I know to find a life I can be happy with. A human can’t live with this amount of stress for this long without having something break, and I don’t want to break.


Thankfully I have Tool for moments like this. At least I can pretend everything will be ok for 9 minutes and 24 seconds.