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Monthly Archives: May 2013

So, I have been having some annoying acid reflux issues that I am fairly certain are the beginnings of a peptic ulcer. Once I realized this was probably the case I started making some changes. No more NSAIDs except when I had my brief gout attack, trying to eat smaller portions, and upping my yogurt and milk intake. This all seems to have helped lower the frequency of the attacks from several hours every day to bursts of 10 to 15 minutes every couple of days depending on what I have ate.

Something new has popped up though. I am noticing what I initially thought were random intestinal pains. Always initially on the left side, then the right, then back to the left over the course of a few hours. Not constant pain, just weird twinges. I have come to realize that these start to happen about 30  to 40 minutes after I eat a meal. I don’t expect that it is associated with the acid reflux but is it’s own unique and special digestion issue. I picked up some psyllium fibre when I made my store runt he other day and I just took probably a double dose (whoops). I’m hoping that a few days of psyllium ‘therapy’ will clear out whatever the issue is. I’ve had consistent bowel movements with no signs of blood in the stool so I think that this just may be an issue of my shitty diet from the past year catching up with me and my body is letting me know that shit needs to change. Change it will.

Full Circle Farms delivered my organic produce box while I was at the theater. I know have for the week 3/4 pound of fava beans (no clue what to do with them), four avocados, about a pound of beets with the greens attached, two tomatoes, two yellow onion, one bunch of romaine lettuce, one bunch of green chard, two ataulfo mangos, four fuji apples and three valencia oranges. All of that delivered for $35, so not too bad. I’ll have some fun figuring out how to use everything. I still have some stuff left from last weeks box as well. Adventure time!

Oh yea, Iron Man 3 was very good. Much darker than the other two. I will refrain from discussing details for *two weeks* and then I become a spoiler machine. You have all been warned.