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Things have been mentally rough the past few weeks. My unemployment completely ran out and I had not heard anything on getting an extension. I didn’t get a job that I was perfect for, and wasn’t getting responses from anything else I had applied to (except for one saying that the posting was old and they had already filled it). I am completely out of money and dipping into my  “oh shit don’t get scurvy again” food rations.

Over the past several days though I have two job opportunities that could both easily turn into real jobs due to solid internal references, I have been getting out and helping the roomie on a major project he has, and I just checked my online UI benefits account and it shows that I was accepted for the extension and that I should have money in my account in a few days.

I have had several points in my life where I felt tested, and this last year has been the worst. While I feel that I am passing this test, I am really not happy with my grade. I can already tell that once I get out of this particular pit I feel that I will be better suited for the next one.

Things will work themselves out one way or the other. I just need to focus on the fact that I’m not dead yet and try to enjoy life again.

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