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I don’t think I knew anyone that was openly gay or transgender when I was a kid growing up in the ’70s and ’80s. I did have the opportunity to learn to ignore how a person looks in grade school though. My dad had friends from Saudi Arabia when I was a kid and I still think of Mohammad and Faraj fondly. I had an adult acquaintance at the same time (a guy in his 20’s) that was half black that used to take time to introduce me to music and the wonders of using chocolate milk in your cereal. There was a large Vietnamese family in the complex that used to bring us food all the time, and even though we didn’t understand each other verbally, it was very obvious that they were good caring people. I think it was around this time that my friend Chris started to question his sexuality, but it was never anything that he brought up with me and that I never picked up on.

I suspect that it was those experiences, as well as constantly being bullied as a child up through high school that made me who I am now. I may be gruff, loud, and off putting when you first meet me (or even for years afterwards) but if you are being marginalized for anything other than your personality and attitude towards those around you then I tend to take umbrage at those that do the marginalizing. It was never a question for me about the whole LGBT “issue”. It’s not an issue, what it really is is non of my fucking business. I have plenty of good friends that are gay, bi and transgender. I learned at an early age that outward appearances mean fuck-all and that what you do with a consensual partner is none of my business and therefore has no bearing on how I treat you. This is not to say that I have not met assholes that *happened* to be transgender, and that I avoid them because they are assholes, but the idea that their value to me or those around them in their day to day life has *anything* to do with them not having a dick any more, or them deciding that they would rather be a guy, is fucking asinine.

The idea that the media bullied a person that was going through their transition to the point that the killed themselves disgusts me. I will be up front and say that my opinion of people that take their own lives is pretty low, but it is miles higher than my opinion of those that will use there position to make a person feel so worthless, so reviled, so… unimportant to those around them that they take their own lives. If I could meet the reporters face to face that harassed Lucy until she ended her own life, I would spit in each of their faces and tell them that they are the worst type of person that exists. Parasites on our global society and with no real worth other than that given to them by people that should know better. I hope that people get outraged about this and that people lose their jobs over this, but I know the reality. It will be examined for 6 months until it is firmly out of the news cycle, until only a handful of people are screaming into the darkness, and then things will go back to normal until it all happens again.

I never met you, but I already miss you Lucy Meadows.

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