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Picked up pretty much everything I need to start making refrigerator pickles. My first couple of batches are going to be a pickled asparagus, pickled green beans, and pickled garlic. I have the stuff to do hot pack (e.g. shelf stable) but I want to do a batch of each as fridge pickles to see how things taste. If the brussel sprouts I have in the fridge are still ok, I may try pickling those as well.

As part of the prep for doing this, I washed all of the jars and rings. As I was dragging the portable washer out and in front of the sink, it dawned on me that I don’t have to move it to hook it up to the faucet. Seriously, I have been rolling that thing out from it’s spot next to the fridge to in front of the sink for no reason other than stupidity for months now. The dumb is strong with this one.

It would appear that I was incorrect in them already finishing up my background check. That is still happening and my boss seems to believe that it will be another week or two for them to finish that and get all the paperwork signed on their end to get me my offer letter. Not unexpected, but that does mean probably 3 more weeks before I get my benefits. I really can’t wait to get my vision checked for contacts / glasses and to go see the dentist.

Speaking of work, I actually enjoy my new position. I am gradually learning everything I need to know, and I can do 90% of my job while listening to music or podcasts so it makes my day fly. Today I sat down at my desk after lunch (which was spent practicing with my uke in the sun) and when I glanced at the time again it was 4 P.M.. Felt like minutes had passed. The only thing that is getting to me is how negative some of my co-workers are. I am still in training so when I ask a question I get about 4 or 5 minutes of ‘well this thing sucks and is the most horrible thing in the world’ before actually getting any actual instruction. I understand that they are probably burned out but I really don’t need to be drug down with them. After a particularly lengthy rant the other day about how everyone in the company except for the people on our team don’t know what they are doing, and how we don’t get paid enough, and how horrible what we do is, I just looked at them and said “I’m not answering phone calls from upset customers all day long, and even if I still was it means I have a job and a roof over my head. I love this job.”. It seemed to quiet them up a bit, but I think I am going to have to figure out how to mitigate this. I feel rude listening to my music turned up loud enough to not hear them for most of the day but there is only so much of the constant complaining that I can take. I need to figure out how to broach this with my team as a whole without sounding like an asshole.

On the gaming front, I seem to have been sucked into Diablo 3 pretty hard. I have my Harcore Mage up to level 52 on the Hard difficulty and that pleases me on some weird level. Still toying with the idea of getting the expansion, but I need to wait for my raise for that. My PS3 got the yellow light of death and I got it quasi fixed, but it is still over heating. Nick is going to take a look at it and can hopefully get it going. If not then I will probably put off getting a PS4 and replace the PS3. Too many games that I would like to finish on it, and I can get a used one at a reasonable price.

Starting to really get the urge to date again but I don’t know any single women that seem interested and the only places that I seem to meet women I am interested in are at work or while drinking at bars, and neither seems like the best of locations to look for romantic companionship. OK Cupid is a dead end, and I have no real idea of where to go to meet a nice and mellow lady that enjoys playing board games, watching marathon sessions of tv shows, and has an artistic bent. If any of you have suggestions or have a friend you might think would be interested in meeting me, fucking speak up 🙂

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  1. Man, it brightens my day (night?) to see how happy your posts have been lately. Fucking good on you. You deserve it.

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