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Last night I ended up having an early dinner and getting tired around 7:30 P.M. Instead of fighting to stay up for another 2.5 hours, I decided to listen to my body and was asleep by 8 P.M. Instead of waking up at 4 A.M. like I was expecting, I was up at 2, and have just been getting some early morning gaming and cat time in. I am already a pot of french press half-caff into my day and at 5 A.M. am really antsy to get in to work. I think I am starting to really become a morning person again. I have brought up to my boss in the past that I wanted to start my day earlier and switch to a shorter lunch so I can have my afternoons free, but we never really looked into it. I think I am going to broach the subject with him again today and see when the earliest he is comfortable with me coming in is. I know that he would like to have our team covered better for the end of the day Pacific time, but with him and my team mate being here than late any way, I might be able to get away with it.

Positives to getting in earlier (say 6:30 A.M.) –

1) With a 30 minute lunch I will be out by 3 P.M., giving me plenty of time to do produce shopping every day after work and just buy what I need each day.

2) I start riding my bike to work in a few weeks (hopefully the weekend of next payday I will get the bike tuned up and then one of these installed) and getting in that early means less traffic to be worried about in the morning, and getting home before the big rush every afternoon.

3) More time to explore my neighborhood before the nightly drinking crowd hits.

4) If I join 24 Hour Fitness like I am thinking of, I can get in before the 5 – 6 P.M. crowd shows up. Hell, I might be able to get out before they show up.

Negatives –

1) Won’t see friends as much during the week, but they are part of the aforementioned nightly drinking crowds, so I don’t enjoy the time I spend with them during the week all that much anyway.

2) Could impact my weekend nightlife. Oh wait, what weekend nightlife? That’s all booze driven and I want to get away from that.


Overall, this looks like it could be a positive thing. That and seeing the sun rise always puts me in a good mood.

So, I don’t really see any negatives to this

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