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That is the sound that kitty puddles make.

I would not call it hot as balls in my apartment, but they are getting a touch swampy. 10:30 P.M. and it is still around 80 degrees in hear. I have a fantastic southern facing for all of my windows and it’s a brick building. Oddly enough, the heat isn’t bugging me as much as it has in the past. If the rest of spring / summer is close to this and I don’t die, I might have to start considering a move to California for my next serious job. Plus, heat = adorable kitty puddles so I have that going for me.

My boss seems to be ok with me making the requested shift change, but he wants to make sure that we aren’t fucked for coverage in the later part of the day first, which is perfectly reasonable. Hopefully he will have that sussed out so I can start that up week after next. Having that extra hour and a half to drink before the Black Flag show could come in handy.

I am feeling myself getting pretty testy around certain folks as of late. Some pretty harsh shit was said to me a few weeks ago that I felt was pretty unwarranted (granted, we were all drinking at the time) and I just find myself wanting to distance myself from most everybody I know and go back into hermit mode. I’m going to try and avoid this, but I probably won’t be going out to get together with most folks unless I am specifically contacted and invited to something that doesn’t involve a bar or booze. I guess I am feeling fairly marginalized right now and just need to step back for a bit and re-asses what I want out of my life. Getting really tired of bars and drinking as my social outlet so I need to start stretching me wings so to speak.

Along those lines, I seem to be hitting it off with a nice lady via OK Cupid. I’m hoping this works out better than my previous two experiences via that site. She seems to be into board / card games as well as horror movies. We shall see how this progresses. I haven’t asked her out for a date yet, mostly because I want to wait for payday so I can actually afford a date. I suspect another week of chatting with her and I will be ready to ask her out for coffee or a movie.

Well, the puddles want some cuddles so I am off to bed. Sleep well everyone 🙂

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