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Today I have accidentally discovered the secret to me loving Titanfall.

First off, I should say that I already liked the game, although I was getting my ass handed to me on an insane level. Seriously, it was like a loony bin all got work release at once and their collective job was to ream my ass with bar-tending tools. It’s a really nice, well balanced first person shooter with wall running and you can summon a mech to pilot every couple of minutes, and the length of time you wait to summon a new one is lessened by how well you are whacking other players. Another nice thing is that there are AI controlled bots that spawn for both sides so you get a nice feel of a really full game without worrying about half a team rage quitting and completely fucking everything over. Plus, you can hack the enemy bots and they follow you providing cover fire. It’s pretty sweet.

So, I have not played in about 3 weeks due to other games grabbing my interest and me getting all ragey like I do when playing FPS’s. I decided to play some this afternoon, and since I have been on a serious Queen kick lately, I put on the soundtrack to Flash Gordon. That was apparently a brilliant choice. I only played for the length of the album, so about 40 minutes, and during that time I leveled 4 times, and my kill to death ration against human players (they track your human kills and bot kills separately) ended up being around 5:1 across all the games with my best being 9:1 and about 35 bot kills.

I am now going to walk away from the computer for a bit and not ruin my little perfect Titanfall moment. I think if I keep my play sessions limited to the length of the Flash Gordon sound track, and always listen to it when I play, I will get an insane amount of pleasure from this game.

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