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I am really loving my cigar box guitar. I find myself just mindlessly strumming it while at home, noodling out things that sound neat to me. I was listening to some old favorite tunes earlier today and realized that one particular song had been recorded on two different albums in very different styles (one was a solo album) and I really want to record it myself. Having no idea how the chord shapes I am making translate to chords for this particular song, I decided to just fuck it and figure out my own completely different version of the song should go. I am liking what I have come up with so far and need to work on a few parts, but I think I will have my first track for my first Full Service Hobo EP figured out in a week or two. I think I will do a 4 song EP and release it via CD Baby for shits and giggles. This one I want to do as a solo track, but I think I will be looking to pull a few folks on fairly soon to help me figure out new arrangements for the other tracks I want to do. I’m getting excited about this project since it feels real to me now, and this song is really helping me say ‘fuck other people liking it’ and focus on *me* liking it.

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