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Jesse (the lead guitarist of the band I manage, Shedu) has loaned me a few PS4 games to get me by while I wait for Watch Dogs and Destiny to come out. The first is Assasins Creed 4, and the other is inFamous: Second Son. I opted to go with the Seattle based game first.

Been playing it off and on for a few weeks and was initially enjoying it. The controlls took a little too long to get used to, but I liked the over all feel of the game. I thought it was odd that I was busting drug dealers as freaquently as I was, but that will become clear in a moment. I went through and compleated *everything* in Seattle. All sections cleared 100%, all skill shards collected. Boots to asses for days. I was starting to get bored, the gameplay never really seemed to change. I finally get onto (what I am assuming is) the Aurora Bridge and it alludes to the fact that I want to go this way, but I have to complete a mission. I look at the map, and the onlything that shows up now are quick travel points and a star indicating where I started the game at. I check online and realize that that star is the start of a fucking mission, and not where I started the game at.

I am now merrily ripping through missions that seem *very* easy, and I assume that it feels that way because I have removed all sources of potential complication already. No fucking DUP in my town, thank you very much. I am now looking forward to playing more of this game again. I have to admit though that I feel a little stupid. I got a chance to meet and talk shop with the head of QA for SuckerPunch at Clever Dunnes the night the code went gold and they were prepping to ship. I bought him a congratulatory drink and had a pleasent time exchanging gaming QA war stories. I really can’t wait to bump into him again t let him know how epicly dumb I was with his baby. Should be a good night šŸ™‚


Now I am off to bed. This following week is going to be very fun. I feel I should warn you all though, I have decided to pick up a PS4 camera so I can live stream my playing sessions of Watch Dogs. Beer, cursing, and dick and fart jokes will probably reach toxic levels. I’ll post pertinant info later for folks that want to help me on my path to internet mediocrity.

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  1. Let me know when you get your stream set up. I’ll totally come check it out!

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