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Sadly, not a lot has really changed.


I am still at Plymouth Housing Group, but in a promoted capacity. I went from being a building assistant to the building coordinator. It means I am effectively the assistant manager. I work day shift now, and my duties include processing rent, entering work orders, interacting with third party vendors, that kind of stuff. Definitely more on the admin side of things. I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. I still get daily face to face contact with my tenants which is really nice. We ratified our union contract recently, so I am making a “reasonable” hourly wage with some solid benefits. While I enjoy living on site (never underestimate the joy of a literally 30 second work commute) the size of the apartment is getting to me. Really, it’s the only negative to the job. I don’t seem to get along great with the swing and grave shift coworkers, but I don’t work with them directly so it’s not a huge deal. It would be nice if we all saw eye to eye and understood each others positions on things, but I am a pedantic work rule follower and most of them don’t follow basic direction so we shall always butt heads. /s


Still single.


I have seen some fan-fucking-tastic shows over the past year. Bumbershoot was not one of them. You won’t catch me going to Bumbershoot again after the shit show last year. I did however see Red Fang for the first time (mind blown), The Lennon Claypool Delerium were awe inspiring, and coming up I get to see Mastadon with Eagles of Death Metal and then soon after Rev. Horton Heat and Dale Watson at the fucking Tractor. I am disturbingly excited to see that.


I still have no real contact with anyone related to me by blood. I gave up on trying to stay in contact with my mother since she never returned phone calls, emails, or Facebook messages. If your reading this mom, I have had the same phone number and email address for nearly 20 years. Feel free to say hi.


Since I am single with no real bills, I tend to acquire tech toys. I will make some “review” posts on them individually. The one thing I will say now though is that NVidia really knows how to make a tablet.


The cats are both alive and healthy. I’ve been monitoring their food intake and Tucker is at a healthy weight now but Dale has a few pounds to lose. Speaking of which, I am seeing my doctor again, and trying to get back onto keto for good. A few months ago I lost 20 pounds in a month, but I am afraid that last few weeks of me dealing with shit (a murder in front of our building, some work stress, the annual post holiday loneliness Olympics) has had me eating *very* poorly. Trying to get back on track though.


I start seeing a therapist soon. It kind of disturbs me that I remember how to spell that by thinking “the rapist”.  Any way,  we have many things to talk about and I am hoping that seeing a therapist again will help me break some bad patterns so that I can get back on track to improving what has become a fairly solid and (theoretically) happy life.


So, here’s were I ask for a favor. There have been many WordPress and plugin updates since I last used this site, so I am unsure if things are going to populate out to Twitter and Google Plus properly. If you happen to see this post, please leave a comment letting me know that you did, and where. I suspect I have a fair amount of tweaking to do.


  1. Saw it on G+. Glad to hear you’re still upright and above ground.

    • So many Dave’s I have known. Which Dave are you?

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