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Holy shit is my back fucked up. My lower back has been wrecked for about a week now. Even seeing a masseuse hasn’t made it appreciably better. I am 90% sure it’s due to the shitty Wayfair.Com futon I am using. I should be getting a loft bed for my queen size memory foam matter this Tuesday. Raven is going to come by and help me assemble it. Hopefully not having a bar running down the middle of my back every night will help.

The loft bed is the first major step in accepting the tiny space I live in. It cost me $500 (with shipping) but will allow me to get my mattress out of storage, along with a few other boxes, and that should save me about $25 a month on storage fees. After I get that set up, I will get measurements for some homemade cat shelves. I have the shelf brackets, I just need to get the lumber and have it cut to length. Doing both of these will hopefully get my mind less cluttered by having less cluttered surroundings.

Pictures next week? Sure. Pictures next week.

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