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I got myself a PSVR bundle a few days ago. First off, I have to say it’s fucking amazing. I played a little over an hour in Eve: Valkyrie and I am solidly hooked. Very immersive and amazingly fun. It felt like what I always wanted playing Wing Commander on my friend Gilbert’s IBM PS/2 back in the early ’90s. A really amazing gaming experience, and I am looking forward to seeing what developers come up with for this peripheral. For me, this almost instantly turned into a must have device.
So, after playing some E:V I decide to check out another VR game. You can download a nice set of games known as Playroom VR that has 4 or 5 couch multiplayer games (where one person is using VR and the others are using the TV screen). One of these games is playable single player, and is a neat little 3D platformer. I played it for about 10 minutes, taking my time to look around and get into the VR experience. When I finished the game, something unexpected happened.
The game stopped showing me the game, and switched to the feed from my PSVR camera, and started counting down 3… 2…
Something I should mention here is that pants are from Satan’s bottom. Seriously, I hate wearing pants. Since I live alone, I tend to go completely naked. No one else here to be bothered by it, and I am completely physically comfortable.
So, on my screen is a picture of me wearing literally nothing but my PSVR headset, and counting down from 3. I don’t think I have pressed the PS Home button so quickly in my life.
Not cool Sony. Not. Fucking. Cool.

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