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I’ve been sick for a few days (nothing alarming, just had a slight fever and cough and decided to take a few days off than risk anything) and that has given me plenty of time to get re-frustrated with my living situation. I have way too many boxes of stuff in way too small of an apartment.

I used to be in the habit that every time I moved I would toss out anything that I hand’t used in a year. When I was moving an average of twice a year for work (I do *not* miss contracting) this kept things well in check. Now that I have been with one company for 5 years now, I have built up a collection of random stuff. I keep thinking that I should do a hard purge but then I see something that makes me think “well, as soon as I get everything sussed out I will need this” and that thinking apparently needs to stop.

I have a few projects that I continue to chug along at and I will allow myself to hold onto things for streaming, bicycling, music, and cooking. Everything else is getting the boot. If I haven’t used it in a year it goes. If I didn’t even know I had it, it’s gone. I’m going to start that tonight. Once box a night minimum until I am done. Either everything has a home outside of a box or it’s getting tossed. If I have any high end stuff I will probably try to sell or give away some stuff so as not to be completely wasteful, but fuck… I need to do something and this should be the ‘easiest’ place to start.

Wish me luck!

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