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I kvetch about many things in my life but don’t ever seem to be able to tackle those issues, specifically when they deal directly with myself. I can tell people all day long what they could be doing to improve their physical or mental health, their outlook on things, etc. but can’t seem to take that advice for myself.

I was just dropping off our rent deposit for work, and while standing in line at the bank I had a few ideas. The first was “I want to start writing again, but don’t know where or how to start”. This has been a thought that has come up a few times over the past month. I also thought “Why can’t I seem to focus on dealing with a single thing to completion?”, immediately followed by “Stop beating yourself up, your a good person and do good things”. All of that within about 3 minutes of standing and I came up with an idea.

I am going to spend the next 26 days writing something every day. Every day will focus on an incremental letter of the alphabet starting with A. I’ll think of two words that start with the letter of the day, one word to describe something I struggle with and one word to describe how I am a good person. I’m not going to limit myself to a minimum or maximum word count, nor will I limit myself to a particular part of me or my life. I think this will initially help give me some level of self accomplishment for getting something done that I set out to do. This should also help get my creative juices going. I also hope that this will prompt some self reflection and let me figure out what I need to focus on to be a better person.

Today will be ‘A’, and I’ll start working on that in a bit. Hopefully I can not only improve myself but also help motivate others. Here’s hoping 🙂

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