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Coarse – I can be a blunt and abrasive human. I was raised by a Vietnam vet and was told that the second word I learned to say was ‘fuck’. I know I can be charming when I need to be but I just can’t seem to care to keep it up. I can have a negative outlook on things, but even when I try to be positive I am kind of an asshole about it.

Compassionate – I’ve always been surprised that I give a shit about people considering how I was raised. I can vividly remember the moment I realized that treating people like my dad treated me wasn’t good. I was beating up on a smaller kid (I was in the 4th or 5th grade at the time) and at one point grabbed him by the legs and spun him in circles like a wrestling move, then I threw him and he broke his arm. It was that exact moment that I realized that hurting others would not make my pain go away and made the active decision to try not to hurt people any more. When I was homeless, several of my younger peers would seek me out for advice and started calling me ‘Dr. Bizket’. When I got off the street I still made it a point to collect food and clothes to give out to the homeless in whatever area I lived in. I always tried to make it a point to be there for my friends whether it was financially (when able), emotional, or with a couch to sleep on. It’s what drove me to my current job of helping run a building that houses formerly homeless people with mental health and chemical dependency issues. There have been many times where I wanted to quit this job and just curl up in a hole and cry myself to death but I keep coming back every day because I know what it feels like to be them and feel like no one is there for you. I think my compassion is possibly my biggest strength.

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