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I got myself a PSVR bundle a few days ago. First off, I have to say it’s fucking amazing. I played a little over an hour in Eve: Valkyrie and I am solidly hooked. Very immersive and amazingly fun. It felt like what I always wanted playing Wing Commander on my friend Gilbert’s IBM PS/2 back in the early ’90s. A really amazing gaming experience, and I am looking forward to seeing what developers come up with for this peripheral. For me, this almost instantly turned into a must have device.
So, after playing some E:V I decide to check out another VR game. You can download a nice set of games known as Playroom VR that has 4 or 5 couch multiplayer games (where one person is using VR and the others are using the TV screen). One of these games is playable single player, and is a neat little 3D platformer. I played it for about 10 minutes, taking my time to look around and get into the VR experience. When I finished the game, something unexpected happened.
The game stopped showing me the game, and switched to the feed from my PSVR camera, and started counting down 3… 2…
Something I should mention here is that pants are from Satan’s bottom. Seriously, I hate wearing pants. Since I live alone, I tend to go completely naked. No one else here to be bothered by it, and I am completely physically comfortable.
So, on my screen is a picture of me wearing literally nothing but my PSVR headset, and counting down from 3. I don’t think I have pressed the PS Home button so quickly in my life.
Not cool Sony. Not. Fucking. Cool.

Holy shit is my back fucked up. My lower back has been wrecked for about a week now. Even seeing a masseuse hasn’t made it appreciably better. I am 90% sure it’s due to the shitty Wayfair.Com futon I am using. I should be getting a loft bed for my queen size memory foam matter this Tuesday. Raven is going to come by and help me assemble it. Hopefully not having a bar running down the middle of my back every night will help.

The loft bed is the first major step in accepting the tiny space I live in. It cost me $500 (with shipping) but will allow me to get my mattress out of storage, along with a few other boxes, and that should save me about $25 a month on storage fees. After I get that set up, I will get measurements for some homemade cat shelves. I have the shelf brackets, I just need to get the lumber and have it cut to length. Doing both of these will hopefully get my mind less cluttered by having less cluttered surroundings.

Pictures next week? Sure. Pictures next week.

I have tenants. I say that *I* have them, because part of me considers them to be under my protection. I don’t like all of them, but they are all mine.

One of my tenants is from Iraq, and was one of the insurgent forces that helped take down Saddam Hussein. He has been so close to becoming an American Citizen for about a year now, it’s not even funny. One thing or another has halted the process, and just as he was getting close to fixing the final issue, Trump gets into power. This man is likely not getting his US Citizenship for a very long time now, and every time he comes through the lobby it breaks my heart.

Just needed to get that off my chest.

Sadly, not a lot has really changed.


I am still at Plymouth Housing Group, but in a promoted capacity. I went from being a building assistant to the building coordinator. It means I am effectively the assistant manager. I work day shift now, and my duties include processing rent, entering work orders, interacting with third party vendors, that kind of stuff. Definitely more on the admin side of things. I’m actually enjoying it quite a bit. I still get daily face to face contact with my tenants which is really nice. We ratified our union contract recently, so I am making a “reasonable” hourly wage with some solid benefits. While I enjoy living on site (never underestimate the joy of a literally 30 second work commute) the size of the apartment is getting to me. Really, it’s the only negative to the job. I don’t seem to get along great with the swing and grave shift coworkers, but I don’t work with them directly so it’s not a huge deal. It would be nice if we all saw eye to eye and understood each others positions on things, but I am a pedantic work rule follower and most of them don’t follow basic direction so we shall always butt heads. /s


Still single.


I have seen some fan-fucking-tastic shows over the past year. Bumbershoot was not one of them. You won’t catch me going to Bumbershoot again after the shit show last year. I did however see Red Fang for the first time (mind blown), The Lennon Claypool Delerium were awe inspiring, and coming up I get to see Mastadon with Eagles of Death Metal and then soon after Rev. Horton Heat and Dale Watson at the fucking Tractor. I am disturbingly excited to see that.


I still have no real contact with anyone related to me by blood. I gave up on trying to stay in contact with my mother since she never returned phone calls, emails, or Facebook messages. If your reading this mom, I have had the same phone number and email address for nearly 20 years. Feel free to say hi.


Since I am single with no real bills, I tend to acquire tech toys. I will make some “review” posts on them individually. The one thing I will say now though is that NVidia really knows how to make a tablet.


The cats are both alive and healthy. I’ve been monitoring their food intake and Tucker is at a healthy weight now but Dale has a few pounds to lose. Speaking of which, I am seeing my doctor again, and trying to get back onto keto for good. A few months ago I lost 20 pounds in a month, but I am afraid that last few weeks of me dealing with shit (a murder in front of our building, some work stress, the annual post holiday loneliness Olympics) has had me eating *very* poorly. Trying to get back on track though.


I start seeing a therapist soon. It kind of disturbs me that I remember how to spell that by thinking “the rapist”.  Any way,  we have many things to talk about and I am hoping that seeing a therapist again will help me break some bad patterns so that I can get back on track to improving what has become a fairly solid and (theoretically) happy life.


So, here’s were I ask for a favor. There have been many WordPress and plugin updates since I last used this site, so I am unsure if things are going to populate out to Twitter and Google Plus properly. If you happen to see this post, please leave a comment letting me know that you did, and where. I suspect I have a fair amount of tweaking to do.

Yea, I’m done with FB for good now. The privacy concerns and persistent ads are too much. I went back for a bit (actually deleted and created 3 different accounts) because that seems to be the only way that people in my social circle communicated, and have hit the point where it’s just not worth it. I have a phone and call people. Fuck it.

Jesse (the lead guitarist of the band I manage, Shedu) has loaned me a few PS4 games to get me by while I wait for Watch Dogs and Destiny to come out. The first is Assasins Creed 4, and the other is inFamous: Second Son. I opted to go with the Seattle based game first.

Been playing it off and on for a few weeks and was initially enjoying it. The controlls took a little too long to get used to, but I liked the over all feel of the game. I thought it was odd that I was busting drug dealers as freaquently as I was, but that will become clear in a moment. I went through and compleated *everything* in Seattle. All sections cleared 100%, all skill shards collected. Boots to asses for days. I was starting to get bored, the gameplay never really seemed to change. I finally get onto (what I am assuming is) the Aurora Bridge and it alludes to the fact that I want to go this way, but I have to complete a mission. I look at the map, and the onlything that shows up now are quick travel points and a star indicating where I started the game at. I check online and realize that that star is the start of a fucking mission, and not where I started the game at.

I am now merrily ripping through missions that seem *very* easy, and I assume that it feels that way because I have removed all sources of potential complication already. No fucking DUP in my town, thank you very much. I am now looking forward to playing more of this game again. I have to admit though that I feel a little stupid. I got a chance to meet and talk shop with the head of QA for SuckerPunch at Clever Dunnes the night the code went gold and they were prepping to ship. I bought him a congratulatory drink and had a pleasent time exchanging gaming QA war stories. I really can’t wait to bump into him again t let him know how epicly dumb I was with his baby. Should be a good night 🙂


Now I am off to bed. This following week is going to be very fun. I feel I should warn you all though, I have decided to pick up a PS4 camera so I can live stream my playing sessions of Watch Dogs. Beer, cursing, and dick and fart jokes will probably reach toxic levels. I’ll post pertinant info later for folks that want to help me on my path to internet mediocrity.

I am really loving my cigar box guitar. I find myself just mindlessly strumming it while at home, noodling out things that sound neat to me. I was listening to some old favorite tunes earlier today and realized that one particular song had been recorded on two different albums in very different styles (one was a solo album) and I really want to record it myself. Having no idea how the chord shapes I am making translate to chords for this particular song, I decided to just fuck it and figure out my own completely different version of the song should go. I am liking what I have come up with so far and need to work on a few parts, but I think I will have my first track for my first Full Service Hobo EP figured out in a week or two. I think I will do a 4 song EP and release it via CD Baby for shits and giggles. This one I want to do as a solo track, but I think I will be looking to pull a few folks on fairly soon to help me figure out new arrangements for the other tracks I want to do. I’m getting excited about this project since it feels real to me now, and this song is really helping me say ‘fuck other people liking it’ and focus on *me* liking it.

Today I have accidentally discovered the secret to me loving Titanfall.

First off, I should say that I already liked the game, although I was getting my ass handed to me on an insane level. Seriously, it was like a loony bin all got work release at once and their collective job was to ream my ass with bar-tending tools. It’s a really nice, well balanced first person shooter with wall running and you can summon a mech to pilot every couple of minutes, and the length of time you wait to summon a new one is lessened by how well you are whacking other players. Another nice thing is that there are AI controlled bots that spawn for both sides so you get a nice feel of a really full game without worrying about half a team rage quitting and completely fucking everything over. Plus, you can hack the enemy bots and they follow you providing cover fire. It’s pretty sweet.

So, I have not played in about 3 weeks due to other games grabbing my interest and me getting all ragey like I do when playing FPS’s. I decided to play some this afternoon, and since I have been on a serious Queen kick lately, I put on the soundtrack to Flash Gordon. That was apparently a brilliant choice. I only played for the length of the album, so about 40 minutes, and during that time I leveled 4 times, and my kill to death ration against human players (they track your human kills and bot kills separately) ended up being around 5:1 across all the games with my best being 9:1 and about 35 bot kills.

I am now going to walk away from the computer for a bit and not ruin my little perfect Titanfall moment. I think if I keep my play sessions limited to the length of the Flash Gordon sound track, and always listen to it when I play, I will get an insane amount of pleasure from this game.

That is the sound that kitty puddles make.

I would not call it hot as balls in my apartment, but they are getting a touch swampy. 10:30 P.M. and it is still around 80 degrees in hear. I have a fantastic southern facing for all of my windows and it’s a brick building. Oddly enough, the heat isn’t bugging me as much as it has in the past. If the rest of spring / summer is close to this and I don’t die, I might have to start considering a move to California for my next serious job. Plus, heat = adorable kitty puddles so I have that going for me.

My boss seems to be ok with me making the requested shift change, but he wants to make sure that we aren’t fucked for coverage in the later part of the day first, which is perfectly reasonable. Hopefully he will have that sussed out so I can start that up week after next. Having that extra hour and a half to drink before the Black Flag show could come in handy.

I am feeling myself getting pretty testy around certain folks as of late. Some pretty harsh shit was said to me a few weeks ago that I felt was pretty unwarranted (granted, we were all drinking at the time) and I just find myself wanting to distance myself from most everybody I know and go back into hermit mode. I’m going to try and avoid this, but I probably won’t be going out to get together with most folks unless I am specifically contacted and invited to something that doesn’t involve a bar or booze. I guess I am feeling fairly marginalized right now and just need to step back for a bit and re-asses what I want out of my life. Getting really tired of bars and drinking as my social outlet so I need to start stretching me wings so to speak.

Along those lines, I seem to be hitting it off with a nice lady via OK Cupid. I’m hoping this works out better than my previous two experiences via that site. She seems to be into board / card games as well as horror movies. We shall see how this progresses. I haven’t asked her out for a date yet, mostly because I want to wait for payday so I can actually afford a date. I suspect another week of chatting with her and I will be ready to ask her out for coffee or a movie.

Well, the puddles want some cuddles so I am off to bed. Sleep well everyone 🙂

Last night I ended up having an early dinner and getting tired around 7:30 P.M. Instead of fighting to stay up for another 2.5 hours, I decided to listen to my body and was asleep by 8 P.M. Instead of waking up at 4 A.M. like I was expecting, I was up at 2, and have just been getting some early morning gaming and cat time in. I am already a pot of french press half-caff into my day and at 5 A.M. am really antsy to get in to work. I think I am starting to really become a morning person again. I have brought up to my boss in the past that I wanted to start my day earlier and switch to a shorter lunch so I can have my afternoons free, but we never really looked into it. I think I am going to broach the subject with him again today and see when the earliest he is comfortable with me coming in is. I know that he would like to have our team covered better for the end of the day Pacific time, but with him and my team mate being here than late any way, I might be able to get away with it.

Positives to getting in earlier (say 6:30 A.M.) –

1) With a 30 minute lunch I will be out by 3 P.M., giving me plenty of time to do produce shopping every day after work and just buy what I need each day.

2) I start riding my bike to work in a few weeks (hopefully the weekend of next payday I will get the bike tuned up and then one of these installed) and getting in that early means less traffic to be worried about in the morning, and getting home before the big rush every afternoon.

3) More time to explore my neighborhood before the nightly drinking crowd hits.

4) If I join 24 Hour Fitness like I am thinking of, I can get in before the 5 – 6 P.M. crowd shows up. Hell, I might be able to get out before they show up.

Negatives –

1) Won’t see friends as much during the week, but they are part of the aforementioned nightly drinking crowds, so I don’t enjoy the time I spend with them during the week all that much anyway.

2) Could impact my weekend nightlife. Oh wait, what weekend nightlife? That’s all booze driven and I want to get away from that.


Overall, this looks like it could be a positive thing. That and seeing the sun rise always puts me in a good mood.

So, I don’t really see any negatives to this